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Mellody Golden Clover


Meet the world’s first plant-based honey that’s just like the original–but better!

A 1:1 culinary match to bee-made honey made with love for people, pollinators, and our planet. This robust clover-like plant-based honey has a bright and balanced floral taste. We infuse naturally derived sugars with botanical extracts and bring you sticky, drippy, and deliciously good plant-based honey made without bees.

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the sweetness!

Main ingredients

Robust, clover-like flavor with a bright and balanced floral taste.

Made by infusing naturally derived sugars with botanical extracts inspired by the bees' favorite flowers and flavors.

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Flavors: floral, bright, and sweet.
Texture: sticky, drippy, and thick.

An everyday staple for sipping,
cooking, and baking.

Main sugars: fructose and glucose.

Plant-based and 100% vegan.

Protects native pollinators.

Encourages biodiversity.


When I first tried it, I was like,

‘Oh, my God!’

the consistency is identical;
I had not encountered a honey product
that was really just the
color, the consistency.

Chef Priyanka Naik
Food Network Champ


Native bees and ecosystems are at risk. Around 80% of U.S. crops rely on pollination from non-native European honey bees, which are shipped and used on commercial farms and honey operations, leaving little for them.

The rest of our crops depend entirely on the original native pollinators, which are now at risk of extinction due to fierce competition from honey bees and environmental destruction. We're committed to promoting ecological balance by creating more space for native pollinators. By collectively reducing the consumption of commercial honey, planting more native pollinators, and protecting native habitats, we can restore biodiversity. Learn more here.